Wednesday, September 4, 2019


Indian time will be launched in 2 hours and 43 minutes a day. Earlier, it was supposed to launch on the night of July 14, at 2 hours and 51 minutes but due to some problems, its launch was avoided on July 22. Chandrayaan 2 is very important for India. Under Moon Mission, it will be launched from Sri Harikota in Andhra Pradesh today. Astrophysicist and scientist Dr. Karan Jani has given some important points about this Moon mission. He is also affiliated with
the LIGO mission in India.2 will prove to be a major milestone for India. Apart from India, only three countries have reached the moon. This country includes the United States, Russia and China. This mission demonstrates the capabilities and assets of ISRO. The people will be witnesses to this event and India will proudly remember this mission for space exploration. Chandrayaan 2 is a wakeup call, big work will be done in this area in the coming days. Indian University and Industry have contributed immensely to the research and development of Chandrayaan 2.When a person acts, we do not understand why this is so. What does he have to prove? Suddenly it
escapes. We feel an unknown burden when such a person is with us. You have to tackle it. In this relationship, 'tension' has to be wherever it comes to 'tackle'. Have fun where we can stay our way. There is nothing to worry about when meeting someone. No role has to be created before talking. Free can talk to me. This is a story of a young man. He went to interview. It failed in two previous interviews. This time in the interview he was under severe pressure. After going into the chamber, the interviewer realized that this young man was very nervous. He said, "Before you start talking, you get relaxed." There is no litter here that will eat you up. Talk like a friend The young
man relaxed. He gave all the answers well. The interview is over. On the go, the young man said, "This is the best interview of my life so far." Thanks for Everything. The interviewer, hearing this, said that I too was like you. Used to be very nervous. Gradually I realized that the reason I am failing is not my anxiety, but my nervousness. A friend of mine provided Confidence in me. If it wasn't, I would probably be scared forever.If a change occurs in a human being, then it is understood that its association has changed Change is good and bad. This is a story of a young man. Never lived in that house the same way. It does matter in everything. Suddenly his behavior changed three hundred sixty degrees. It started to stay the same. All believers talk nicely. One day after seeing his change, his father told him, If you have any new friends, bring him home. The boy asked, why do you think my friends have changed? The father said, from your behavior! From your behavior, it seems that you are in a good company. The boy confessed that a friend had found a new one. That is very good. I have learned a lot from it. I realized, I was wrongly angry. Think carefully, how much does your behavior affect your friends or those with whom you spend more time? There will be! Our thoughts are influenced by the thoughts of the person we are with. That is why it is said, stay away from negative people. If you feel that this man is not very much to meet, do not meet him. Meet the ones with whom you feel calm, relaxed, and touching. When we do, man, this is true. Stay close to what he says is good. Some peopleThe idea was to have this man hanged. That was what he thought of the king's death! The minister took a piece
of sandalwood from the dealer. The next day, the minister took a piece of sandalwood and went to the king. The king said, "Yesterday I went to that dealer's shop." Did you think to hang it? The merchant has given you a sandal gift. The sandalwood wrapped in cloth revealed that the aroma of sandalwood had spread all around. The king was pleased. He regretted why I was hanged for selling something so sacred. He felt sorry for himself. Giving the goldsmith to the minister, he said, give it to him and buy all his sandalwood. Give wood to each house, so that the aroma of sandalwood spreads to every house like palace. The minister went to the dealer. He gave the dealer a goldsmith, bought all the timber, and spoke to the king. The merchant also regretted how bad I was for such a great king? He prayed to God for the king's long life. The person with you is the cause for your progress or decline. That is why we need to recognize what we have with us! Finally, one thing, just how people are with us
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