Thursday, August 8, 2019

Post Department Bharti Last year Merit

The same can be said for Class 10 pass candidates who are happy to know Post recruitment has been announced in the post section. You can apply to various posts of Dak Sewak and Post Master in different districts of Gujarat.No matter where the country and the world advance in technology, the post department is still there. Morbi's post service has long been a major cause of concern. The performance of the tables has to be heard. In the winter the operation has a bad effect. And the people have to suffer. Yes.
There is often a widespread complaint of no postal service being available in Morbi's main post office for a long time and the postal service is not getting timely. There are
Dak sevak post clearances including one Post Master, two Assistant Post Master 24 Clerks for the post office. But 17 of the 30 staff vacancies are vacant. There is a heavy workload on this present employee. And one employee has to work 3-3 tables. So take half an hour of work in just five minutes.
A person over the age of fifty is brought into the court room. He is alleged to have crossed the Red Light. The case Dak sevak goes against it. "Yes, I have made a mistake," the accused said. I was a soldier. I am fighting for the country. While in Iraq, I was diagnosed with cancer because of radiation. I have become deaf with the LED Blast near me. One cannot hear anyone. Currently my depression and analgesia medication is on. The judge listens quietly and then says, "We are proud of what you have done for the country. You are released from the charge against you. The judge also asks, post department  does your treatment work well? The man is shocked. The way the entire scene is created, any human being gets emotional. Clips from these and many other traffic cases have gone viral on social media these days. You may have also seen. The judge in this court room is Frank Caprio. Dak sevak Nowadays they have become very popular. How good is it if we have such a court?

Have you ever been to court? If you didn't have to go to court you were lucky. People whose destiny is written in the courtroom are praying to God to get rid of them soon. Most people have seen it in court films. The court of the film is a Hundred Percent Film. At the last moment something happens and the lawyer says that Thahri, Judge sahib, mere pass woh sabut aaye hai In some films, even the court procedure is known to have some humor. Real court rooms are very different, boring, cumbersome, tensioned and extremely slow. Well, we are not talking about the true court room of our country but we are talking about a judge whose judgment goes viral. If you have been active on social media then you must have seen a couple or two judgments of this judge. 
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