Sunday, August 25, 2019

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Understanding the process of thinking and understanding of children and learning why to listen carefully and sympathetically to children - all of these are prerequisites for the development of a student-oriented teacher. This function helps the teacher to understand that study is not a linear process but it has many flaws and is a flamboyant process by nature. And is possible in many circumstances (including everyday events). This understanding and point of view cannot be drawn from mere study of the broad principles of study.
Every child has to be aware that a healthy and disease-free life is very important. Awareness is needed to develop useful habits for health and healthy living. It has been suggested that issues with holistic, methodological and scientific approaches to health education and health awareness should be included in the teacher-training curriculum. This content should include: Nutrition, Personal and Environmental Health, Fitness Disease Prevention and Control at Family and School Levels (including HIV / AIDS), Mental Health, Accident Prevention, Health Awareness, Healthcare Use, Physical Fitness & Sport.
Theoretical Course Work: 2 to 3 principles of the curriculum for the student teacher to be employed in theoretical concepts and fame work are based on the basic concepts and research of psychology, philosophy and sociology. This course aims to carefully study the principles of child development and adolescent development, the process of socialization and context, social and emotional development, self-identification, cognitive and learning, language acquisition and -, the structure of childhood and school-health and physical health and all-inclusive education. General Chat Chat Lounge And each theoretical cell should have intrinsically integrated field-work based units that cover projects and assignments such as interoperability and observations with children and adolescents; Concepts and knowledge about their natural and social phenomena; Testing of school health events and related concerns
It aims to provide a direct experience of children coming from different ages and different environments and to enable them to bridge the gap between theory and fieldwork. The student should provide the teacher with opportunities in which he or she spends time interacting and interacting with the children who have begun their education and who are on the street, organize creative activities for them so that they can connect and develop relationships. Working with developmental theories and creative work, they can put their own experiences with children into the classroom for discussion which will be a motivator for ideas to exchange, test the theory's competence, and they will be expressing new ideas.
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