Wednesday, August 14, 2019

GPSC New BHarti jaherat 2019

Chief Minister Shri Vijaybhai Rupani has called on the staff of shared responsibility to increase the trust of the people in the republic through the smooth coordination of government services and administration.He made the call in a ceremony to award the appointment letters to Gandhinagar to the three young candidates who were newly appointed in the Deputy Municipal Officer Cadre and Revenue Department in the Government of Gujarat.
        Deputy Chief Minister Shri Nitinbhai Patel was present on the occasion.Shri Vijaybhai Rupani, inspired by the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of these newly-appointed young workers, added that as part of the administrative culture of the state, you now have to take full responsibility for implementing public decisions made by the government with a fully sensitive humane approach.
        He clearly stated that we have to create a bright image in the government's masses, not realizing it with power, but with the help of the needy and oppressed-ordinary human being. He put special emphasis on displaying behavior and sensitivity as his confidence in the system increased.
the Chief Minister further than cautioned against the corrupt practices of the government in recruitment of Government services in Gujarat, adding that in the last two and a half decades, the entire recruitment process has been carried out on the basis of transparency and merit.        He added that, without giving a single rupee to anyone or without any recommendation, competitive examination and merit based recruitment process has provided excellent manpower in government service.

The Chief Minister also expressed the expectation that there will be a timely change in the culture of culture as a result of joining the technocratic youth government service.
He also inspired the newly-appointed youths to honestly pay for the service of the common man in the interest of the common man while getting the desired job.
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