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Other properties with this are also in Gotali. But they have filed a patent on their name for how people feel tasty in the taste. About that, a lecture was organized at his Charouset University. Gordhanbhai Patel America's J.P. Lab is the President who works in New Jersey and works on research on a particular product and also lectures. He has also got many awards. In the meantime, he told some interesting things about patent and baggage.
4000 million kg of the year Gotli is thrown
We do not use 4 thousand million kg of wheat in our country. The price of one kilo bottle is available at a price of 300 rupees. So we are throwing out this baggage and damaging millions of rupees. We are trying to bring this project to the national level.
Gotali's tastes change to patent
Gordhan Patel said that to take a little bit of gottlery, if 100 grams is enough, pour 100 grams of water and add half a gram baking soda. After that all night, keep this baggage and eat it in the morning. After this, its tastier taste will be converted into sweet flavor. The patent on this research has been filed to them. Need 100 grams of Vitamin B12 in a year Every day our body needs 3 to 5 mg vitamin B12. However, there are 3 mg vitamin B12 in Gotali.

Vitamin B12 research is in Navsari University
Gordhan Patel said that 100 grams of Gotali contains around 10% protein, 15% oil and 70% starch, which provides vitamin, protein and minerals as well. There is 3 to 4 grams of vitamin B12 in 100 grams of Gotali. This research was done by Ramesh Patel of Navsari Agriculture University.Even though we are in a circle around the world, our circle should be our own. Not everyone has access to it. Our selection for life is special. Our privacy should also be selective. This is a story of a girl. Choosing privacy when it's not fun. Turn off the mobile switch and go to your desired location. He said, I am the biggest friend of my mood. I can explain myself, I can seduce. It is also fun to cry with ourselves. That said, sometimes I cry when it gets heavy. No one will know! Where does everyone need to show up? Have you ever seen your tears in the mirror? There is a language of tears. Not everyone understands that language. Not all are required to be understood. He was very distressed when he made a video call to his friend. In simple words, I called to cry. A crying. From the front, his friend did not say a word. Tears were shed in his eyes. Tears also have a dialogue, tears also have a sensation and tears also have a consolation. Tears do not need words. Sometimes a single drop of tears can overwhelm the entire dictionary. Sometimes even a drop of tears can cause the whole ocean to burst. Ramesh Parekh's poem is a poem, What is in the sea is called pearl and what is in his eyes? We ask, are you now? The poet has not answered this, what if you have to give? The short answer may be, in the eyes
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