Tuesday, August 6, 2019

प्रेक्टिस पेपर 12 | बिनसचिवालय परीक्षा मोडेल पेपर डाउनलोड

A paper has been put here for the preparation of the upcoming BIn sachivalay Clark test. You can evaluate yourself by this paper. And you'll feel like how much tirey you still have to do. This paper has been prepared by ICE Rajkot.21-year-old American Lacey Alford returns to 196 countries of the world. This news is very much in the whole world. True, what happened to you after reading this news? That's exactly how lucky it is! I was able to get so much of this young age! 
One thing about mood is also worth considering. It doesn't matter if the mood is bad sometimes. Negative event should disturb you. However, it must be taken out of consideration. Finding the cause and death of a bad mood should improve the mood. It is a matter of concern if the mood is constantly bad. Persistent sadness tends to depress a man. Man also has to watch his mood. If it is not fun, do not think about it but do not get sad. Over-thinking is also often suicidal. Think of what you need as much as you need it, and after getting so depressed you can get back to your real mood, only then will life be fun. The NSUI held a program on Monday afternoon at Gujarat University to protest the scams in government job recruitment. Activists, including NSUI Minister Pravin Ram, have been scamming out of all the government recruits like Revenue Talati, Talati cum minister, clerk, non secretarial clerk, PSI during the last two years in Gujarat. No action has been taken against those caught in the scam.
While the Gujarat Secondary Service Selection Board has found 2522 non-secretarial clerks and 427 office assistant positions, recruitment process has been undertaken on 2949 posts.
It will provide intensive training on subjects including history and culture of Gujarat, Gujarati grammar, English grammar, general science, computer, public administration and constitution of India. Co-ordinator Nikesh Shah has asked the candidates who want to join the training class at 104, Academic Center, Central Bank of India at Saurashtra University campus.
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