Wednesday, June 12, 2019

What Is Nomophobia?

Technology addiction in India is increasing day by day, and this is why young people are becoming victims of nomophobia. About one in three people use more than one gadget together and 90% of the time pass the time with these gadgets. This has come as a study in Adobe's study.
Longer use of gadgets is damaged
Research findings have also indicated that 50% of young people start working on the computer suddenly after starting to use mobile. Switching screens like this in India is a common thing. Long-term use of mobile phones can cause pain in the neck, dryness of the eyes, computer vision syndrome and insomnia.
What Is Nomophobia?
About 60% of young people aged 20 to 30 have lost their mobile phones, which are called nomofobia.
Padmashree Dr. Chair of Heart Care Foundation of India (HCFI) KKAgrawal says, 'Notification, vibration and other alerts that come to our phones and computer constantly compels us to look at it. With this our brain is unusually active and alert for the phone. We constantly look for activities to engage in mobile and feel uneasy, excited and lonely in its absence. Occasionally, using a laptop in a hand-held mobile phone, or by using a laptop, it sits out of the neck, which causes a lot of pressure on the spinal column. Due to the time we spend on different gadgets every day, we go home for long periods of pain in neck, shoulders, waist, elbows, thorns and thumbs. '
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