Tuesday, June 4, 2019

The Governing Council's meeting of the Policy Commission

The meeting of the governing council of the policy commission is to meet on June 15. The meeting will be chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. According to information received from the official sources, the meeting will discuss the issues related to water management, agriculture and security. In which all Chief Ministers are against the lieutenant governor of the Union Territories, the Union Minister and the Senior Government Judge. This is the first meeting of the new government's governing council.
In order to participate in the meeting, the Chief Minister and the Chief Ministers of the Union Territories have sent a message to the press. The Governing Council can discuss issues related to important issues such as water management, agriculture and backward District Development Program. Apart from this, Naxal will also consider security issues in affected districts.
By winning 303 seats in the Lok Sabha elections, BJP alone has achieved a clear majority. This is the victory of Modi wave, but the reality is different.

There was Modi wave in the 2014 election, then by 2019, there was an outcry and protest against Modi and BJP government. Especially in the ban on non-ban and GST, the measures taken by the Modi government were displeased with the people. Apart from this, people are worried about many issues including petrol, diesel price rise, inflation, increase in corruption, unemployment problems, farmers' issues, law and order situation.

In most of the elections held in this situation, most of the political pundits used to say that NDA would get 250 seats, but political leaders have been looking after the BJP alone crossing 300. Two or three important things came out in their analysis. The most important thing is that in 2019, there was no Modi wave, but Tina factor was responsible for BJP's victory. Tina means that there is no alternative to Prime Minister Narendra Modi if he says in an easy-to-understand language at home.

The matter came out of the attention of political experts and reviewers. Millions of people of the country thought that if the Prime Minister is not Modi, then Mayawati, Mamata or Sharad Pawar or Rahul would become Prime Minister. The Prime Minister's name was changed every day. The voters did not like it at one point. At one point, people were scared that if Modi was not there any other person would become the Prime Minister. Such a government will not remain stable for a long time and the country will be ruined.
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