Thursday, June 13, 2019

SSC Paper Style New Blue Print 2019

Recently, the standard 10-paper formation and Blueprint has been modified. This decision has been taken in the interest of the students. It is true that this decision will help children to be 100 percent correct.

Students and teachers have been shocked by the publication of Paper Styles of Class XI and XII Science after the ongoing intervention of the Higher Secondary Education Board for some time. After the cancellation of the semester system, the method of marking the paper style announced has been greatly modified. Standard 11 examination will be divided into two parts in a year. On the basis of which the result of final 11 will be declared.
After the start of the new academic year students and teachers had many confusion over the issue of paper styling. During the last two years, there has been a radical change in the examination system of standard 11 and 12 science stream. The new publicly structured structure will be implemented in the examination taking place from next month. The students who are preparing for the exam, after publishing a paper style before the first test counting on September, are disappointed.

50% of M.C.C. will be examined in the next month's examination. In the first and second exams in standard 11, MSCu (Multiple Choice Quotes) will be asked. In the 11th standard, 2 hours will be allocated for 50 marks examinations. For the first and second test of standard 11 and for the first examination of standard 12, the board's website has been published in the paper form.
The first and second test of physics, chemistry, biology and maths in standard 11 will be divided into two parts. The 50 mark part will be of MCQU. Students whose answers are to be given in the ONR sheet Part B will be subjective. The student will be asked to write in the answer sheet. In Section B, in Saxon A, 6 questions of two marks will be asked in Section B, 3 to 3 marks and 4 marks in Saxon Sea.
Apart from this, the paper of the first test of standard 12 will be of 100 mark. For that the student will be given 3 hours. In which 50% of mcq and 50% of the subject will be questioned
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