Monday, June 10, 2019

Praveshotsav Route List 2019

A new academic session will commence from June 10 between the hot summer and admission will be held in the schools from 13 to 15 June at the initial stage.

Between extreme heat this year, in the rural area schools, two days in 13 and 14 June and Vadodara city schools have been arranged for admission in one day. The officer will be present and encourage the students to study. In addition to each cluster two primary un The school admission festival will be celebrated in a secondary school. Then, in every cluster school, a meeting of the principals of all schools of this cluster will be held. The number of school students, the quality of education will be discussed.
A meeting of the principals of the city district was convened at the DEO office today to discuss the arrangements for the admission of the admission of the festival. The Deo Catcher Sources said that during the meeting, the leaders of political leaders or government officials who attend the school as the main guest during the admission, At the meeting of the principals of all schools not honoring any gift items Instructions have been given as it will be time consuming. The next program will be started immediately after the dignitaries who appear as the main guests.
However, as per the year every year, the responsibility of organizing the festival of festivals is laid on the head of the school administrators. He will also have to spend the cost of the event. Managers will also be able to attend as many people as possible in the heat.
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