Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Pravasi Teacher 2019 | Chitra ane PT

The state government has taken an important decision to appoint tourists teachers to prevent the shortage of teachers. However, due to the appointment of tourist teachers and timely approval of their salaries in many districts of the state, the approval work was stuck. 

In this regard, the education department has also decided to appoint the teachers in the education department. In which schools will now be able to directly appoint tourist teachers. Approval of DEO will be taken in seven days of appointment. Thus, the approval of the first teacher will now be allowed.
According to the available information, the resolution was issued by the state education department on December 21, 2015 till the recruitment of regular teachers was decided to take the services of tourist teachers in government, non-governmental secondary and higher secondary departments. In this, instructions were given by the Education Department to all the DEAs of the state.
Meanwhile, the Education Department got complaints about the appointing of tourist teachers and not being timely sanctioned in many districts in respect of their salary. So, the education department has planned to determine the procedure for appointment of tourist teachers and the guidelines have also been issued, sources said. According to the designated department of education department, instructions have been given to all dei of the state to appoint tourist teachers.
According to the procedure for appointment of a tourist teacher, pay the salaries since the appointment of a teacher for the teacher, but after seven years of schooling, the school teachers will have to make a proposal to get the approval of the district teacher. The DEO will have to take special care to ensure timely remuneration for all traveler teachers.
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