Monday, June 3, 2019

Krushi University Clerk Exam jaherat 2019

There has been an announcement for the recruitment of clerks in the state's various agricultural universities. Any candidate who has passed standard 12 can fill the form for the recruitment examination. Detailed information is given in this file, which can be studied and fill out the form. Hope this information will be useful. 

The Agriculture, Agriculture Welfare and Cooperation Department of Gujarat Government undertakes the implementation of policies / schemes in the areas of agriculture and related matters, land conservation, dairy development, animal husbandry, and cooperative activities and its implementation, supervision and monitoring. Horticulture is created by separating the horticulture activities from the field of agriculture by taking into account the area of ​​horticulture and the increase in the area and the importance of horticulture activities. Under the administrative control of the Department, head of the departments, corporations, committees or other organizations are working in order to advise, assist, implement and monitor the activities of the departments of the departments, working in education and research in agricultural and agricultural matters. The main aim of the department is to respect farmers' scientific practices and implement various schemes. Increasing farm productivity through irrigation will increase farm productivity and achieve the state's needs and increase the income of farmers.
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