Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Dwarissee and widowers are more likely to die of heart attack

Divorced life is also associated with heart disease. In recent research this has come to light. According to British researchers, the risk of death from Divorces and Widow's heart attack is higher than that of Diversity and Widow Women. A man whose wife has died is suspected to have died of heart attack 11% more. This research has been done by Aston University of Birmingham.

The goal of the researchers was to know how much of a married person, especially after a heart attack, is likely to save women. To understand this, research in North England hospitals was done. 18 million people were involved in this research. These were people who had fought the problem of heart failure or uncontrolled heart beat in 2000 and 2014.
Married men reduce the risk of death from heart diseases
According to the researchers, such a widowed man who is already fighting with the problem of uncontrolled heart beats has a chance of 11% of heart failure and 13% more likely to die. The same figure is up to 14% in men and women. While the risk of uncontrolled heart beetles is about 6% higher than the risk of death due to women in married men.
The risk of heart failure is up to 13% in unmarried men compared to unmarried women. Consultant Cardiologist Dr. Ranjit Moray says that the reason for this difference in women and men may be the help they have or voluntary help. According to the Meta Martin Avikiran, Associate Medical Director of the British Heart Foundation, heart failure, uncontrolled heart failure and heart failure decreases the age of three.
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