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There should be a single file placed here for an explanation of the issues related to computer rehabilitation in the non-scrutiny clerk recruitment examination.Taluka Std in schools There are 39 thousand students studying in 1 to 8, most of the schools do not have any computer lab maintenance. Due to the lack of proper maintenance of the computer lab, the lab was reduced to diluted position. Children from 1 to 8 have a chance to be deprived of education. Though the year has grown, computer education is not being discussed by the children.taluka has beneficiaries. Schools are functional. In which standard In the 1 to 8, 39 thousand students receive the study.For students to get computer education in schools, 89 Pvt. Computer labs were allocated by the state government in schools. But most Pvt. In the absence of the maintenance and supervision of the computers in the school, the lab is turned into a negligent condition. In today's 21st century, there has been a continuing turn in education as children are not getting computer education in most schools. It is worth mentioning that this kind of niacinage is found in villages situated on the Rajasthan border. Due to which children do not get any facility, the computer does not get education. Children from the remote areas are deprived.Pt. Of the main villages in Fatepura taluka Children studying in schools receive computer education. When the children of the remote areas are deprived of computer education, they are located on the Rajasthan border. Schools have been found in the interview.
Only paper is being investigated.Pvt. Grants are allocated for schools every year for repairs and other physical facilities. Doubts are being served on the functioning of the administrative system. In Fatepura taluka has been adopted by District Education Officer Dahod, but only paper is being investigated adequately.Local system also disabled.

The state government has allocated equipment for computer labs in all schools. As well as giving training to teachers to provide computer knowledge. But due to the carelessness of Acharya in the schools in the remote areas of Dahod district, computer laboratories have been transformed into a compromised position. When the poor children of the village have to be deprived of education. The local administrative system is also known to be inactive.
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