Saturday, June 1, 2019

Bin sachivalay Clerk New Jaherat 2019

Soon, the Uncategorized Clarke exam is going to come, in which the corrections are given in this file. Read the new rules and updates and look forward. Pay attention to the preparation of the survey.
After that the Document Verification Program is also going to happen.

     At this time the friends who have passed the good merit number in the recruitment of non-secretariat and police constables, once again congratulate them very much. Those friends who are coming in good merit considering the total number of friends recruited in the non-secretariat recruitment, requesting all the candidates who will be able to help their beloved needy members by voluntarily going to the Police Constable Recruitment Document Verification Program, without the presence of human services, by requesting two hands.
       According to the recruitment rules, candidates who voluntarily drop their entitlement in the Police Recruitment Document Verification Program, the candidates with lesser enrollment in the recruitment of the police will get a chance to get a district selection in the final merit. Otherwise, those candidates with such cutoff merit will get admitted in the waiting list. And if such waiting list candidates are called, it is okay to say, but if the announcement of new recruitment is announced without opening the waiting waiting list, then such candidates should be reunited. Re-written, physical examinations happen to be done by friends. So, friends, who have seen the time to come !!
          If you get five to twenty-five needy families to get a job rotation, their blessings will make your life happier. Will remove the bad times from your life permanently. Your future brothers, you are free to make your decision.
          So let us all be part of this noble ministry of humanity.

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