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Sunday, June 16, 2019

Computer Theory PDF Free

There should be a single file placed here for an explanation of the issues related to computer rehabilitation in the non-scrutiny clerk recruitment examination.Taluka Std in schools There are 39 thousand students studying in 1 to 8, most of the schools do not have any computer lab maintenance. Due to the lack of proper maintenance of the computer lab, the lab was reduced to diluted position. Children from 1 to 8 have a chance to be deprived of education. Though the year has grown, computer education is not being discussed by the children.taluka has beneficiaries. Schools are functional. In which standard In the 1 to 8, 39 thousand students receive the study.For students to get computer education in schools, 89 Pvt. Computer labs were allocated by the state government in schools. But most Pvt. In the absence of the maintenance and supervision of the computers in the school, the lab is turned into a negligent condition. In today's 21st century, there has been a continuing turn in education as children are not getting computer education in most schools. It is worth mentioning that this kind of niacinage is found in villages situated on the Rajasthan border. Due to which children do not get any facility, the computer does not get education. Children from the remote areas are deprived.Pt. Of the main villages in Fatepura taluka Children studying in schools receive computer education. When the children of the remote areas are deprived of computer education, they are located on the Rajasthan border. Schools have been found in the interview.
Only paper is being investigated.Pvt. Grants are allocated for schools every year for repairs and other physical facilities. Doubts are being served on the functioning of the administrative system. In Fatepura taluka has been adopted by District Education Officer Dahod, but only paper is being investigated adequately.Local system also disabled.

The state government has allocated equipment for computer labs in all schools. As well as giving training to teachers to provide computer knowledge. But due to the carelessness of Acharya in the schools in the remote areas of Dahod district, computer laboratories have been transformed into a compromised position. When the poor children of the village have to be deprived of education. The local administrative system is also known to be inactive.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

TAT Badli GR 14.6.2019

A new academic session will commence from June 10 between the hot summer and admission will be held in the schools from 13 to 15 June at the initial stage.Between extreme heat this year, in the rural area schools, two days in 13 and 14 June and Vadodara city schools have been arranged for admission in one day. The officer will be present and encourage the students to study. In addition to each cluster two primary un The school admission festival will be celebrated in a secondary school. Then, in every cluster school, a meeting of the principals of all schools of this cluster will be held. The number of school students, the quality of education will be discussed.
A meeting of the principals of the city district was convened at the DEO office today to discuss the arrangements for the admission of the admission of the festival. The Deo Catcher Sources said that during the meeting, the leaders of political leaders or government officials who attend the school as the main guest during the admission, At the meeting of the principals of all schools not honoring any gift items Instructions have been given as it will be time consuming. The next program will be started immediately after the dignitaries who appear as the main guests.
However, as per the year every year, the responsibility of organizing the festival of festivals is laid on the head of the school administrators. He will also have to spend the cost of the event. Managers will also be able to attend as many people as possible in the heat.

Friday, June 14, 2019

TAT (HS) Analysis File

TAT (HS) Analysis File
Young people desiring to become a teacher in government school become depressed against the policy of not doing this examination and millions of youth are waiting for a long time by taking a BA degree. On the other hand, B. Ed. Thousands of young people with a degree have also been terminated for examination. 
That is, Tata has come out of the eligibility of the examination. Due to this, his dream of becoming a teacher is over. On the other hand, in the recruitment of cadre teachers for the past two years, there has been a court mater in the matter of inconsistency in subject matter and eligibility.
According to the information received, the State Examination Board was entrusted with the responsibility of conducting competitive examination for teachers of Tate Secondary and Higher Secondary Std. 9 to 12 in 2017 on the sluggish policy of the Gujarat Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board, but after the responsibilities assigned to the State Examination Board Modifications to the rules for not being deprived of the eligible candidate's examination or recruitment Rakriya have been revealed by the sources. After this change, the competitive examination of Tat Secondary and Higher Secondary Std 9 to 12 will be done by the end of June.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

SSC Paper Style New Blue Print 2019

Recently, the standard 10-paper formation and Blueprint has been modified. This decision has been taken in the interest of the students. It is true that this decision will help children to be 100 percent correct.

Students and teachers have been shocked by the publication of Paper Styles of Class XI and XII Science after the ongoing intervention of the Higher Secondary Education Board for some time. After the cancellation of the semester system, the method of marking the paper style announced has been greatly modified. Standard 11 examination will be divided into two parts in a year. On the basis of which the result of final 11 will be declared.
After the start of the new academic year students and teachers had many confusion over the issue of paper styling. During the last two years, there has been a radical change in the examination system of standard 11 and 12 science stream. The new publicly structured structure will be implemented in the examination taking place from next month. The students who are preparing for the exam, after publishing a paper style before the first test counting on September, are disappointed.

50% of M.C.C. will be examined in the next month's examination. In the first and second exams in standard 11, MSCu (Multiple Choice Quotes) will be asked. In the 11th standard, 2 hours will be allocated for 50 marks examinations. For the first and second test of standard 11 and for the first examination of standard 12, the board's website www.gseb.org has been published in the paper form.
The first and second test of physics, chemistry, biology and maths in standard 11 will be divided into two parts. The 50 mark part will be of MCQU. Students whose answers are to be given in the ONR sheet Part B will be subjective. The student will be asked to write in the answer sheet. In Section B, in Saxon A, 6 questions of two marks will be asked in Section B, 3 to 3 marks and 4 marks in Saxon Sea.
Apart from this, the paper of the first test of standard 12 will be of 100 mark. For that the student will be given 3 hours. In which 50% of mcq and 50% of the subject will be questioned

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Current Affairs 200 Questions -May 2019 PDF

In the upcoming Uncategorized Clerk examinations, questions related to current trends in India and Gujarat will be addressed to the Current Affairs, when a file has been placed here for this. Those who prepare this test will prove useful to all.

Higher education has changed significantly in India for more than two decades. The government's share in this sector has come down. With the increase in the number of students, there is no increase in facilities in universities receiving government grants. As a result, the private sector's footprasement has grown tremendously in this area. Currently, the number of private universities is increasing in the country, but the question is, is this privatization happening in the right direction?

With the launch of the process of economic liberalization in the 1990s, the Government of India called for education to be self-reliant. The government said at the time that institutions of higher education should try to become self-reliant by raising their resources themselves. Various suggestions were made to increase fees and get private donations. To understand what really happened, we have taken the example of a University of Uttar Pradesh.

Chaudhary Charan Singh University (CCSU) was established in 1966 as the only government university among five districts of Western Uttar Pradesh. By 2000, CCSU had been operating its work, but when government aid was cut in early 2000, there was no other option than to raise money. This university started self vocational courses and started the business of certifying. The first work started in the departments of the University and later this work was started in affiliated colleges. A structure was created in the university where private parties run professional courses and university certificates. As a result of this, it has happened that many local industry houses also started the business of running this course.

Pravasi Teacher 2019 | Chitra ane PT

The state government has taken an important decision to appoint tourists teachers to prevent the shortage of teachers. However, due to the appointment of tourist teachers and timely approval of their salaries in many districts of the state, the approval work was stuck. 

In this regard, the education department has also decided to appoint the teachers in the education department. In which schools will now be able to directly appoint tourist teachers. Approval of DEO will be taken in seven days of appointment. Thus, the approval of the first teacher will now be allowed.
According to the available information, the resolution was issued by the state education department on December 21, 2015 till the recruitment of regular teachers was decided to take the services of tourist teachers in government, non-governmental secondary and higher secondary departments. In this, instructions were given by the Education Department to all the DEAs of the state.
Meanwhile, the Education Department got complaints about the appointing of tourist teachers and not being timely sanctioned in many districts in respect of their salary. So, the education department has planned to determine the procedure for appointment of tourist teachers and the guidelines have also been issued, sources said. According to the designated department of education department, instructions have been given to all dei of the state to appoint tourist teachers.
According to the procedure for appointment of a tourist teacher, pay the salaries since the appointment of a teacher for the teacher, but after seven years of schooling, the school teachers will have to make a proposal to get the approval of the district teacher. The DEO will have to take special care to ensure timely remuneration for all traveler teachers.

What Is Nomophobia?

What Is Nomophobia?
Technology addiction in India is increasing day by day, and this is why young people are becoming victims of nomophobia. About one in three people use more than one gadget together and 90% of the time pass the time with these gadgets. This has come as a study in Adobe's study.
Longer use of gadgets is damaged
Research findings have also indicated that 50% of young people start working on the computer suddenly after starting to use mobile. Switching screens like this in India is a common thing. Long-term use of mobile phones can cause pain in the neck, dryness of the eyes, computer vision syndrome and insomnia.
What Is Nomophobia?
About 60% of young people aged 20 to 30 have lost their mobile phones, which are called nomofobia.
Padmashree Dr. Chair of Heart Care Foundation of India (HCFI) KKAgrawal says, 'Notification, vibration and other alerts that come to our phones and computer constantly compels us to look at it. With this our brain is unusually active and alert for the phone. We constantly look for activities to engage in mobile and feel uneasy, excited and lonely in its absence. Occasionally, using a laptop in a hand-held mobile phone, or by using a laptop, it sits out of the neck, which causes a lot of pressure on the spinal column. Due to the time we spend on different gadgets every day, we go home for long periods of pain in neck, shoulders, waist, elbows, thorns and thumbs. '

Dwarissee and widowers are more likely to die of heart attack

Dwarissee and widowers are more likely to die of heart attack
Divorced life is also associated with heart disease. In recent research this has come to light. According to British researchers, the risk of death from Divorces and Widow's heart attack is higher than that of Diversity and Widow Women. A man whose wife has died is suspected to have died of heart attack 11% more. This research has been done by Aston University of Birmingham.

The goal of the researchers was to know how much of a married person, especially after a heart attack, is likely to save women. To understand this, research in North England hospitals was done. 18 million people were involved in this research. These were people who had fought the problem of heart failure or uncontrolled heart beat in 2000 and 2014.
Married men reduce the risk of death from heart diseases
According to the researchers, such a widowed man who is already fighting with the problem of uncontrolled heart beats has a chance of 11% of heart failure and 13% more likely to die. The same figure is up to 14% in men and women. While the risk of uncontrolled heart beetles is about 6% higher than the risk of death due to women in married men.
The risk of heart failure is up to 13% in unmarried men compared to unmarried women. Consultant Cardiologist Dr. Ranjit Moray says that the reason for this difference in women and men may be the help they have or voluntary help. According to the Meta Martin Avikiran, Associate Medical Director of the British Heart Foundation, heart failure, uncontrolled heart failure and heart failure decreases the age of three.

Do not ignore the Behavioral Changes,

Do not ignore the Behavioral Changes,
It is usually done that we usually take the symptoms of headache, sudden dizziness or irritability in behavior. Sometimes there seems to be a change in headache or behavior due to work pressure or any tension. Sometimes it seems that dizziness is common in such a horrific life. But these symptoms can sometimes prove to be risky too. These generalized changes are sometimes the first phase of serious illnesses, and these common things have a deep relationship with brain tumor. Today is the world brain tumor day on 8th June. So let's know about its features and treatment in detail.
This started in this way
The German Brain Tumors Association was established in 1998. Every year on June 8, every year World Brain Tumors Day is celebrated. The number of patients with brain tumors is higher in Germany. As well as every year 500 new cases are faced in the world. Germany's brain tumors association has registered 500 members from 14 countries worldwide. Everyone in need of this brain tumor helps.
Brain tumor is a very dangerous disease. It becomes a tumor in the brain, which is called tumor. Because it is formed inside the brain so it has been named brain tumor. Women and men of this disease have been enrolled by doctors aged 3 to 15 years of age or after 50 years of age.

Do not ignore the headache
Doctors say that if you have severe headache after getting up in the morning, but when it starts to fall short of the day, contact the Doctor immediately instead of using a pain killer. Because this type of headache is also a feature of brain tumors.

If these changes occur then go to the doctor immediately
If there is a lot of stress in talking about a topic or thinking about a subject suddenly, there are problems with hearing, walking, vomiting, sudden dizziness, difficulty in speaking or seeing difficulties, these symptoms are not a mistake to understand common symptoms. To do It can also be a cause of brain tumor

Vitamin B12 dose of 2 to 4 grams in 100 grams of Mango in Gori

Vitamin B12 dose of 2 to 4 grams in 100 grams of Mango in Gori
Gordhanbhai Patel, who has so far filed 120 patents in his name, filed a patent in the name of Mango Gotali. He has proved by research that Mango Mango has vitamin B12. 100 grams of Gotali contain 2 to 4 grams of vitamin B12. Other properties with this are also in Gotali. But they have filed a patent on their name for how people feel tasty in the taste. About that, a lecture was organized at his Charouset University. Gordhanbhai Patel America's J.P. Lab is the President who works in New Jersey and works on research on a particular product and also lectures. He has also got many awards. In the meantime, he told some interesting things about patent and baggage.
4000 million kg of the year Gotli is thrown
We do not use 4 thousand million kg of wheat in our country. The price of one kilo bottle is available at a price of 300 rupees. So we are throwing out this baggage and damaging millions of rupees. We are trying to bring this project to the national level.

Gotali's tastes change to patent
Gordhan Patel said that to take a little bit of gottlery, if 100 grams is enough, pour 100 grams of water and add half a gram baking soda. After that all night, keep this baggage and eat it in the morning. After this, its tastier taste will be converted into sweet flavor. The patent on this research has been filed to them. Need 100 grams of Vitamin B12 in a year Every day our body needs 3 to 5 mg vitamin B12. However, there are 3 mg vitamin B12 in Gotali.

Vitamin B12 research is in Navsari University
Gordhan Patel said that 100 grams of Gotali contains around 10% protein, 15% oil and 70% starch, which provides vitamin, protein and minerals as well. There is 3 to 4 grams of vitamin B12 in 100 grams of Gotali. This research was done by Ramesh Patel of Navsari Agriculture University.