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It was yards. He was always looking for a chance to knock it down, for whatever reason. There was a WhatsApp group from the office club.PH.D. It used to be talk of work. If a girl writes anything, her boss responds badly to her. You do not understand anything! Sometimes they even use words like flowers or idiots! The girl doesn't answer anything bad. Sorry or wriPH.D.te down that I care more.
Eventually the girl got a new job. He had to quit his job in a few days. Even if he had to leave, his boss would write about it in the group. After reading all this, the girl's colleague once told her, "Now you have to go.PH.D." Now why do you listen to it? Answer it by shrugging it off. If you have a mind, you can give it two or two periods! He is not going to spoil you anymore. Listening to Clig, the girl said, "No, my parents didn't teach me that!" Being lightweight means we PH.D.won't be light!

The girl shared an experience with her father. We were traveling on a train with the family. A man was sitting badly in the seat in front of us. Only by looking at it does it know that this is a bad guy. One time he deliberately hit his leg with my daddy and thenPH.D. he quarreled. You don't feel like sitting. Does it make sense? He was speaking. My daddy called him sorry. Took their feet up At one point I had even thought that my daddy was cowardly. No listening though. This thing was blowing in my mind. After wePH.D. came to the station, I told Daddy, why did you tolerate it? You needed to fight!

Daddy, listening to me, said, son, if we are a man at the lowest level, he will not go down! We maintain our pride. Where do we have any long association with it? Even at some point in life, such people are wandering. We are not meant to be like that, we are meant to be! It is not a matter of defeat, no matter who is wPH.D.eak or who is not powerful; Daddy's the only thing I've got to deal with with this boss. It's been a few days now. Jobs will be changed, so they have to be exempt from the same So far I have not given up my grace so why lose my pride in going now.

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Indian time will be launched in 2 hours and 43 minutes a day. Earlier, it was supposed to launch on the night of July 14, at 2 hours and 51 minutes but due to some problems, its launch was avoided on July 22. Chandrayaan 2 is very important for India. Under Moon Mission, it will be launched from Sri Harikota in Andhra Pradesh today. Astrophysicist and scientist Dr. Karan Jani has given some important points about this Moon mission. He is also affiliated with
the LIGO mission in India.2 will prove to be a major milestone for India. Apart from India, only three countries have reached the moon. This country includes the United States, Russia and China. This mission demonstrates the capabilities and assets of ISRO. The people will be witnesses to this event and India will proudly remember this mission for space exploration. Chandrayaan 2 is a wakeup call, big work will be done in this area in the coming days. Indian University and Industry have contributed immensely to the research and development of Chandrayaan 2.When a person acts, we do not understand why this is so. What does he have to prove? Suddenly it
escapes. We feel an unknown burden when such a person is with us. You have to tackle it. In this relationship, 'tension' has to be wherever it comes to 'tackle'. Have fun where we can stay our way. There is nothing to worry about when meeting someone. No role has to be created before talking. Free can talk to me. This is a story of a young man. He went to interview. It failed in two previous interviews. This time in the interview he was under severe pressure. After going into the chamber, the interviewer realized that this young man was very nervous. He said, "Before you start talking, you get relaxed." There is no litter here that will eat you up. Talk like a friend The young
man relaxed. He gave all the answers well. The interview is over. On the go, the young man said, "This is the best interview of my life so far." Thanks for Everything. The interviewer, hearing this, said that I too was like you. Used to be very nervous. Gradually I realized that the reason I am failing is not my anxiety, but my nervousness. A friend of mine provided Confidence in me. If it wasn't, I would probably be scared forever.If a change occurs in a human being, then it is understood that its association has changed Change is good and bad. This is a story of a young man. Never lived in that house the same way. It does matter in everything. Suddenly his behavior changed three hundred sixty degrees. It started to stay the same. All believers talk nicely. One day after seeing his change, his father told him, If you have any new friends, bring him home. The boy asked, why do you think my friends have changed? The father said, from your behavior! From your behavior, it seems that you are in a good company. The boy confessed that a friend had found a new one. That is very good. I have learned a lot from it. I realized, I was wrongly angry. Think carefully, how much does your behavior affect your friends or those with whom you spend more time? There will be! Our thoughts are influenced by the thoughts of the person we are with. That is why it is said, stay away from negative people. If you feel that this man is not very much to meet, do not meet him. Meet the ones with whom you feel calm, relaxed, and touching. When we do, man, this is true. Stay close to what he says is good. Some peopleThe idea was to have this man hanged. That was what he thought of the king's death! The minister took a piece
of sandalwood from the dealer. The next day, the minister took a piece of sandalwood and went to the king. The king said, "Yesterday I went to that dealer's shop." Did you think to hang it? The merchant has given you a sandal gift. The sandalwood wrapped in cloth revealed that the aroma of sandalwood had spread all around. The king was pleased. He regretted why I was hanged for selling something so sacred. He felt sorry for himself. Giving the goldsmith to the minister, he said, give it to him and buy all his sandalwood. Give wood to each house, so that the aroma of sandalwood spreads to every house like palace. The minister went to the dealer. He gave the dealer a goldsmith, bought all the timber, and spoke to the king. The merchant also regretted how bad I was for such a great king? He prayed to God for the king's long life. The person with you is the cause for your progress or decline. That is why we need to recognize what we have with us! Finally, one thing, just how people are with us
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Most of these villains are family members. People who have grown up with great love before. The same people do not give their children the right to love. To stop loving your daughter, she is sometimes told that if you have a relationship with her, you will be killed. What parents can't say, Emotional blackmails and says that if you marry her, we will commit suicide. This is just one case of our state. One girl married her lover so her fatherGeneral Chat Chat Lounge The poster of the film was recently used in Rajasthan after the Law of Honor Killing. Rajasthan became the first state in the country where the law of Honor Killing was enacted. Rajasthan police put up a photo of Mughal-e-Azam on Twitter with Heart's emoji, saying that there is no crime of beloved tax. This new law will be used in case of murder or beating of a lover. A lifetime imprisonment and fine of up to five lakhs has been made. It is a good thing. Something happened With this law being passed, parents can now choose their children to be a favorite character or even a person they like.Parents who do not kill or kill, except those who suffer psychologically, are difficult to bear. A few days ago, a witness of the daughter of Rajesh Mishra, a MLA from Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh, married her lover Ajitesh Kumar. The witness is a Brahmin and Ajitesh is a Dalit. The video of the witness's father being beaten up went viral. Despite assurances of court and police protection, Ajitesh was attacked in the Allahabad High Court premises. If our leaders do the same, where to talk to others? After explaining to the MLA by UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, he said that the witness should do whatever he wants. It was obvious that he had to make such a statement. He could neither forgive nor accept the witness. The witness fell and rebelled against his father and family for his love. Not every girl has such courage. Many girls sit quietly chasing their dreams.Just making laws does not end the conversation. More important is the change in people's mindset. One study also says that cases of honor killings occur more in villages or small towns than in cities. Surprisingly, even those who have had lovemares tend to object when it comes to the love of their daughter or son. There has definitely been some improvement over time, but much more is still needed. We just got out of the case of Amreli's guess. A couple who had a love affair were caught and killed by the girl's family and burned. The list of such cases is too long. If you listen to the details of the way the boy is killed, the hikers get away. Even cases of suicide by a boy or girl who are unlikely to get married to a person they love are coming out. How to have compassion, to kill, but not allow the boy to live that way. How are we all, a girl and a boy sitting in the garden or somewhere else and we say lost. If the boy and the girl are sitting, the police dismiss them as well.From ancient times, rebellion has come and still is. When it comes to rebellion, it is more responsible than its parents and society. Finally, a line from Sahir Ludhianvi's 'Taksoi' Ghazal, you have the courage to rebel with the world,
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Other properties with this are also in Gotali. But they have filed a patent on their name for how people feel tasty in the taste. About that, a lecture was organized at his Charouset University. Gordhanbhai Patel America's J.P. Lab is the President who works in New Jersey and works on research on a particular product and also lectures. He has also got many awards. In the meantime, he told some interesting things about patent and baggage.
4000 million kg of the year Gotli is thrown
We do not use 4 thousand million kg of wheat in our country. The price of one kilo bottle is available at a price of 300 rupees. So we are throwing out this baggage and damaging millions of rupees. We are trying to bring this project to the national level.
Gotali's tastes change to patent
Gordhan Patel said that to take a little bit of gottlery, if 100 grams is enough, pour 100 grams of water and add half a gram baking soda. After that all night, keep this baggage and eat it in the morning. After this, its tastier taste will be converted into sweet flavor. The patent on this research has been filed to them. Need 100 grams of Vitamin B12 in a year Every day our body needs 3 to 5 mg vitamin B12. However, there are 3 mg vitamin B12 in Gotali.

Vitamin B12 research is in Navsari University
Gordhan Patel said that 100 grams of Gotali contains around 10% protein, 15% oil and 70% starch, which provides vitamin, protein and minerals as well. There is 3 to 4 grams of vitamin B12 in 100 grams of Gotali. This research was done by Ramesh Patel of Navsari Agriculture University.Even though we are in a circle around the world, our circle should be our own. Not everyone has access to it. Our selection for life is special. Our privacy should also be selective. This is a story of a girl. Choosing privacy when it's not fun. Turn off the mobile switch and go to your desired location. He said, I am the biggest friend of my mood. I can explain myself, I can seduce. It is also fun to cry with ourselves. That said, sometimes I cry when it gets heavy. No one will know! Where does everyone need to show up? Have you ever seen your tears in the mirror? There is a language of tears. Not everyone understands that language. Not all are required to be understood. He was very distressed when he made a video call to his friend. In simple words, I called to cry. A crying. From the front, his friend did not say a word. Tears were shed in his eyes. Tears also have a dialogue, tears also have a sensation and tears also have a consolation. Tears do not need words. Sometimes a single drop of tears can overwhelm the entire dictionary. Sometimes even a drop of tears can cause the whole ocean to burst. Ramesh Parekh's poem is a poem, What is in the sea is called pearl and what is in his eyes? We ask, are you now? The poet has not answered this, what if you have to give? The short answer may be, in the eyes


In the upcoming Uncategorized Clerk examinations, questions related to current trends in India and Gujarat will be addressed to the Current Affairs, when a file has been placed here for this. Those who prepare this test will prove useful to all.

Higher education has changed significantly in India for more than two decades. The government's share in this sector has come down. With the increase in the number of students, there is no increase in facilities in universities receiving government grants. As a result, the private sector's footprasement has grown tremendously in this area. Currently, the number of private universities is increasing in the country, but the question is, is this privatization happening in the right direction?
With the launch of the process of economic liberalization in the 1990s, the Government of India called for education to be self-reliant. The government said at the time that institutions of higher education should try to become self-reliant by raising their resources themselves. Various suggestions were made to increase fees and get private donations. To understand what really happened, we have taken the example of a University of Uttar Pradesh.

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Gujarati Sahitya PDF

Understanding the process of thinking and understanding of children and learning why to listen carefully and sympathetically to children - all of these are prerequisites for the development of a student-oriented teacher. This function helps the teacher to understand that study is not a linear process but it has many flaws and is a flamboyant process by nature. And is possible in many circumstances (including everyday events). This understanding and point of view cannot be drawn from mere study of the broad principles of study.
Every child has to be aware that a healthy and disease-free life is very important. Awareness is needed to develop useful habits for health and healthy living. It has been suggested that issues with holistic, methodological and scientific approaches to health education and health awareness should be included in the teacher-training curriculum. This content should include: Nutrition, Personal and Environmental Health, Fitness Disease Prevention and Control at Family and School Levels (including HIV / AIDS), Mental Health, Accident Prevention, Health Awareness, Healthcare Use, Physical Fitness & Sport.
Theoretical Course Work: 2 to 3 principles of the curriculum for the student teacher to be employed in theoretical concepts and fame work are based on the basic concepts and research of psychology, philosophy and sociology. This course aims to carefully study the principles of child development and adolescent development, the process of socialization and context, social and emotional development, self-identification, cognitive and learning, language acquisition and -, the structure of childhood and school-health and physical health and all-inclusive education. General Chat Chat Lounge And each theoretical cell should have intrinsically integrated field-work based units that cover projects and assignments such as interoperability and observations with children and adolescents; Concepts and knowledge about their natural and social phenomena; Testing of school health events and related concerns
It aims to provide a direct experience of children coming from different ages and different environments and to enable them to bridge the gap between theory and fieldwork. The student should provide the teacher with opportunities in which he or she spends time interacting and interacting with the children who have begun their education and who are on the street, organize creative activities for them so that they can connect and develop relationships. Working with developmental theories and creative work, they can put their own experiences with children into the classroom for discussion which will be a motivator for ideas to exchange, test the theory's competence, and they will be expressing new ideas.

Panchayati Raj

In modern democracy, a conscious and emotional governance system is essential to identify the problems and expectations of the people so that they can quickly solve them. The main objective behind setting up the Panchayati Raj system with the help of Panchayati Raj and NGOs in Gujarat is that in which elected representatives and government officials contribute to the creation of welfare society through local cooperation among the people.
Thus, in view of the above, several schemes of rural development and public welfare have been implemented in the state of Gujarat through the Panchayat Raj. It acknowledges that collaboration with NGOs is important in terms of achieving a welcoming and rewarding outcome. The government has implemented several schemes of welfare. But the full benefit of it is ultimately necessary to reach more and more the masses that inhabit the village to a lesser extent.

First of all, the solution to this complex problem is to understand what government schemes are and how comprehensive benefits can be made available to the common man in the rural areas of the society. The State Government is invited to be a collaborator in the implementation of the schemes implemented by the Panchayati Raj.

Public participation in the development works like interior roads, approach road, drinking water facilities, school rooms, irrigation works, panchayat dhar, crematoriums, sanitation, etc. are welcome.
Public participation in the Gram Yojana is such an important foundation of the state government.
An important poor-welfare scheme of the state government, such as Sardar Patel Awas Yojana, in which the scheme for providing housing to the people living below the poverty line of the village, has been implemented in the state from the date: 1/3/6. In this scheme, Rs. 5,7 / - Government assistance and Rs. The beneficiary is Rs. It is planned that in the vision of Vision-1, the BPL beneficiaries will not be deprived of the benefit of the scheme.

  • Honor of the State of Gujarat. Under the guidance of the Chief Minister, the state government has launched the latest experiments of gram sabhas in Gujarat from the birth day of Lokayak Shri Jayaprakash Narayan on 1/3/4. The following are the examples:
  • Democratization
  • The medium for training healthy democracy
  • Poor, backward and a chance to introduce women
  • Opportunity and public participation in harmonious dialogue between officer / employee and the public
  • Direct social exploration of the functioning of the Government / Panchayat by the people
  • Increase the transparency and sensitivity of the system
  • Under the latest approach to the Gram Sabha, the Gram Sabhas have been organized in ten phases till date. The questions presented have been resolved to a great extent
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GPSC New BHarti jaherat 2019

Chief Minister Shri Vijaybhai Rupani has called on the staff of shared responsibility to increase the trust of the people in the republic through the smooth coordination of government services and administration.He made the call in a ceremony to award the appointment letters to Gandhinagar to the three young candidates who were newly appointed in the Deputy Municipal Officer Cadre and Revenue Department in the Government of Gujarat.
        Deputy Chief Minister Shri Nitinbhai Patel was present on the occasion.Shri Vijaybhai Rupani, inspired by the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of these newly-appointed young workers, added that as part of the administrative culture of the state, you now have to take full responsibility for implementing public decisions made by the government with a fully sensitive humane approach.
        He clearly stated that we have to create a bright image in the government's masses, not realizing it with power, but with the help of the needy and oppressed-ordinary human being. He put special emphasis on displaying behavior and sensitivity as his confidence in the system increased.
the Chief Minister further than cautioned against the corrupt practices of the government in recruitment of Government services in Gujarat, adding that in the last two and a half decades, the entire recruitment process has been carried out on the basis of transparency and merit.        He added that, without giving a single rupee to anyone or without any recommendation, competitive examination and merit based recruitment process has provided excellent manpower in government service.

The Chief Minister also expressed the expectation that there will be a timely change in the culture of culture as a result of joining the technocratic youth government service.
He also inspired the newly-appointed youths to honestly pay for the service of the common man in the interest of the common man while getting the desired job.

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July 2019 Current Affairs by ICE

In the upcoming Uncategorized Clerk examinations, questions related to current trends in India and Gujarat will be addressed to the Current Affairs, when a file has been placed here for this. Those who prepare this test will prove useful to all.

Higher education has changed significantly in India for more than two decades. The government's share in this sector has come down. With the increase in the number of students, there is no increase in facilities in universities receiving government grants. As a result, the private sector's footprasement has grown tremendously in this area. Currently, the number of private universities is increasing in the country, but the question is, is this privatization happening in the right direction?
With the launch of the process of economic liberalization in the 1990s, the Government of India called for education to be self-reliant. The government said at the time that institutions of higher education should try to become self-reliant by raising their resources themselves. Various suggestions were made to increase fees and get private donations. To understand what really happened, we have taken the example of a University of Uttar Pradesh.

Chaudhary Charan Singh University (CCSU) was established in 1966 as the only government university among five districts of Western Uttar Pradesh. By 2000, CCSU had been operating its work, but when government aid was cut in early 2000, there was no other option than to raise money. This university started self vocational courses and started the business of certifying. The first work started in the departments of the University and later this work was started in affiliated colleges. A structure was created in the university where private parties run professional courses and university certificates. As a result of this, it has happened that many local industry houses also started the business of running this course.